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Greetings, Adventurer!

You’ve just arrived in Sun Haven, a medieval town full of people from all walks of life doing their best to make their beloved town thrive as it once did. As a farmer, miner, fisher, warrior, craftsman, and even a mage, you’ll find that adventure awaits you here.

Your hard work will let you upgrade your farm, restore shops in Sun Haven, and even bring in new neighbors! As you bring the hustle and bustle back to town, the EXP you earn from each quest will help you level up to advance through a main questline journey.

The main quest itself takes you through two captivating towns outside of Sun Haven. The mythical Elven town of Nel’Vari rests deep in the forest where the Elves live in balance with nature. The rumored monster city of Withergate features a bustling nightlife that never ends - literally - since the city is covered in neverending darkness.

Your experience in these places will grow your skills dramatically, but how you focus that growth is entirely up to you. If you prefer a sword in hand, then slash away by all means. But if a watering can is more your style, then there are nonviolent alternatives to overcome dangerous encounters - even with the final boss! Either way, it’s up to you to wield your abilities and become the hero of your own story!

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  • Farm, Fish, Fight, Mine, Smith, Cook, and Craft to revitalize Sun Haven

  • 3 Worlds to Explore: Cozy Human Town, Beautiful Elven Village, and Urban Monster City

  • 8 Person Multiplayer Capability

  • 15 Romance Options (humans, elves, demons, animal races)

  • 20+ Monsters to fight on your way to becoming a hero

  • Customize your player with 7 Player Races, 200+ different race and clothing options

  • Customize your home and farm with 300+ pieces of furniture

  • RPG Quests to keep you engaged while you relax and farm

  • Progression system with a Skill Tree- 130+ skills to unlock

  • Dozens of Pets and Mounts to collect


  • Available Platforms: PC / Mac

  • Intended Platforms: Switch

  • Number of Players: 1-8

  • Release Date: Available on Steam now!

  • Primary Languages: English

23 Romanceable Characters

Sun Haven Romanceable Character Sprites

Welcome to Sun Haven

For more information, check out our Steam Page!

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