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Game Producer Position


We are actively hiring for this position and are looking to fill this role immediately. 
Consider joining our team today!

Game Producer II

Pixel Sprout Studios is looking to add a Game Producer II to our team to continue the development of Sun Haven as well as future titles. With a focus on keeping a close-knit family at PSS, we would like to add another member to our team who excels in production management, production coordination, and communication. This individual should be someone who will drive collaboration at the very heart of the team. Please provide your resume, cover letter, Discord ID, and time zone when applying.


  • Consistently hold the context of all studio operations for all disciplines

  • Collaborate with all staff members to keep the studio efficient

  • Manage studio schedule and resources for all projects

  • Work with the production discipline to create and execute on production strategies and tactics

  • Assist in determining what, why, and when features should be made

  • Reprioritize all individual contributor backlogs based on production pivots

  • Provide product feedback and insights on features and designs

  • Maintain familiarity with Sun Haven's world and design

Required Qualifications:

  • Working knowledge of Google Drive, Google Docs

  • Exceptional knowledge of Google Sheets

  • Experience with project management fundamentals such as scheduling, tracking, reporting

  • Excellent spoken and written communications skills

  • Excellent leadership skills to work and guide teams

  • Ability to receive and provide constructive feedback

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

  • Exceptional attention to detail

Desired Qualifications: 

  • 2+ years of management experience

  • Ability to run and use Unity

  • Working knowledge of production tools such as Trello, Monday, JIRA, Miro, etc

  • Experience with Agile development processes


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent 

  • Shipped 1+ game titles

  • 1+ years of experience in the gaming industry

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