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8/13 Patch 0.2 Update: Mac Build, Marriage, and More!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hey friends, it’s an exciting day! Not just because it’s Friday, but it’s also Patch Day!!

Today’s big patch includes a lot of great new content. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that we’ve released our Mac build! Apple users, rejoice!

Further changes include marriage with NPCs and the eagerly-awaited Naga race! I don’t know about you, but I’m starting a new game just so I can be a very slithery boy.

Without further ado, here’s the list of changes:

Sun Haven map functionality:

  • Romanceable NPCs are now visible on the Sun Haven map.

  • The player also shows on the map. (single player only)

  • Available quests and completable quests show on the map.

Dating/Marriage to NPCs:

  • You can now gift NPCs a wedding ring to get married! This requires 15 hearts and getting far enough in the dialogue (you can only marry one NPC at a time).

  • We’ve added a new wedding event to get married! The event center north of Sun Haven is now unlocked for this event (west from the train tracks).

  • Dating now begins if you accept the NPC during the second date. However, Bernard now sells a love letter to begin dating an NPC if you’ve declined the second date or declined the NPC during the second date.

  • NPCs now have proper dialogue reflecting your relationship. This includes 10 Dialogue Cycles before dating, 5 Dialogue Cycles while dating, 3 Dialogue Cycles while married, 5 Dialogue Cycles if dating is declined, and more one-liners added for each instance.

  • Bernard now sells keepsakes for NPCs that you have 8 hearts with in case you miss it in their dialogue or lose it for any reason.

  • You can now get up to 20 hearts with NPCs. It was previously capped at 10 before dating. Now it is capped at 15 before marriage.

  • You can now talk to Bernard to get divorced after marriage.

Part 1 of 2 for mines update:

  • Floors 26-50 have been added!

  • Small rebalance to mining numbers: ore tiers are now in increments of 10 floors rather than 5.

More character customization:

  • Naga race is now unlocked!

  • We’ve added new character select customization options.

  • We’ve added over 250 pieces of clothing (including color variations) into shops.

  • Most clothing now comes in the following color variations: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white.

Other Changes:

  • Mac Build Support!!

  • More Settings: Keybinds, Increase Day Length, Pause time during dialogue

  • The tier 3 house upgrade is now available at the town hall! Now, you purchase the permit from Emmet and craft the upgrade at your crafting table.

  • Romanceable NPC Bust Emotes now allow you to see the NPCs’ emotions while you’re talking!

  • Fence Gates are now in!

  • New wallpapers have been added to shops!

  • Wallpapers can now be placed across individual walls as well as in the Withergate apartment.

  • New farm songs and mine songs!

  • Increased size of tier 2 house to fit large furniture items and rugs

  • Multiplayer disconnection improvements

  • Various Bug fixes

Coming Soon:

  • Nelvari/Withergate map and quests

  • Part 2 of the mines update, including more content in the mines (mines enemies, and chests/rewards every 10 floors).

  • Salon/Clothing UI

  • Gray/Brown colors for clothing

I honestly don’t know if I’m more excited for marriage, or those fence gates…

I hope you all enjoy the update! We had a heck of a time rolling it out for you. We’re already starting work on the next one, so stick with us for more fun times ahead!

Stay happy, everyone!

- Michael, Sun Haven Writer







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