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Early Access Announcement!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hello again, friends and family! Today I come with some big news: Sun Haven’s June 25th release will be an early access release. When I hear that a game is in early access, my first thought tends to be, “What can I do in the game?” So, let me lay it out for you. Upon its early access release, Sun Haven will include:

  • 6 playable races (excluding Naga)

  • 91 NPCs, including 15 romance-able NPCs

  • 55 Unique Maps

  • 87 Unique songs

  • A comprehensive skill tree with 4 different paths in which to invest skill points (each path has its own thematic focus: Mobility, Woodcutting, Foraging, and Fishing)

  • Withergate (No Withergate Castle, No access to Moon Dragon, No main questline past acquiring a farm in Withergate)

  • Withergate house + farm

  • Unique Withergate crops

  • Nel’Vari (No access to the World Dragon, No main questline past gaining access to the city)

  • Mounts

  • Pets & Barn Animals

  • ~100 quests throughout all 3 towns

  • Even more features that would make this list go on for far too long!

The primary goal of this update is to announce our early access plan. The secondary goal, however, is to assure you that there will be a significant amount of gameplay available right away. Worry not folks, there’s plenty of Sun Haven to be played on release! And of course, Pixel Sprout Studios won’t stop working on the game until it’s truly, properly finished. Right now, we estimate about 6 more months of work will go into Sun Haven, released in periodic patches. We strongly believe that working with our community is not just the best way to make Sun Haven a success, but that it’s crucial to good game development. We so look forward to involving you all in the process! As always, thank you everyone for your continued support as we navigate the twists and turns of development. You sticking with us is what makes this all worth it. Until next time, - Michael, Sun Haven Writer

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