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Friday Dev Blog #12

Hey everyone! It’s Bruce, the Director at Pixel Sprout Studios. We hope everyone has been having an awesome summer so far! For us at the studio, we’ve been having a blast finishing up Sun Haven here, as we get to the last couple of patches before our big 1.0 launch. Going forward, we’re going to start posting these Dev Blogs between patches, starting with this one right here on Steam! The goal for these is to keep communication up with players outside of just the official Sun Haven Discord, as well as give some sneak peeks into the next patch.

With that being said: Sun Haven’s next major patch, Patch 0.6: Events & Bosses, will be coming on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022. This patch includes new places to explore, boss encounters, improved maps, controller support, an update to the storyline, and more. As always, features and timelines between now and the future can change, but this is the release date and general features that we’re currently planning on releasing. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

More Story

As the world grows and evolves alongside the development process, the story we made for an originally smaller game has room to grow as well. In this coming patch, we’re planning to ship changes to both the Withergate and Sun Haven questlines. The changes go all the way back to Day 1 in Sun Haven, including a new intro cutscene, which should help distill more world context when players first start the game. To see these changes, you might want to make a new character!

Character Customization

Speaking of building a new character, significant additions are coming to character customization as well. We’re still finishing them up over the next few weeks, but our plan is to ship this patch with a bunch more customization for all the races, including races that didn’t have as many options before, like Amari and Elementals. We’ll also do a pass to make sure we have a “None Selected” option for races, so you can finally be a Demon or Angel without wings.

Sun Haven Town Expansion

This patch, we bumped into difficulties finding enough space for new characters and events in the Sun Haven town. It’s not so surprising considering how much the game has grown over the last year. To solve this, we had to make the town of Sun Haven a little bit larger. This includes improving existing locations to accommodate more space for characters and events, as well as adding a few new locations to explore. There’s also a museum now, which we’ll be opening for business in Patch 0.7: Seasons.

Bosses and Battles

Players have been requesting some serious challenges to spice up the gameplay, so here they are! Don’t worry though– as always in Sun Haven, there are plenty of creative ways to overcome bosses through non-combative ways. Whichever way you choose, we hope you’ll enjoy these new challenges!

The Lantern Festival

Spring (the season Sun Haven currently always is) will include a brand-new community event: The Lantern Festival. This is a great time to meet your neighbors and explore some of the culture behind Sun Haven. Come get your free lantern and enjoy the festivities!

Controller Support We’re also rolling out controller support with this new patch, which we know many of our players have been asking for. We unfortunately weren’t able to squeeze it in for the last patch, but this time we should be good to go! Get ready to sit back and relax on the couch with a controller while you play!

Nel’Vari and Withergate Mines

Nel’Vari and Withergate are also getting their very own mining maps to explore. These updates will include a total of 20 new maps, where you can mine new resources, purchase new upgrades, and craft new items! This is the feature for players looking to max out their character, and will be an integral part of beating the game through combat.

Multiplayer Bug Fixes For the final feature in this Dev Blog, this update includes improvements to the multiplayer system. This includes an overhaul to the base of the multiplayer system, and it should have fixes for most multiplayer issues, especially player disconnections. Remember that if anything happens, you can always roll back your character/world with the ‘Load Backups’ button on the ‘Load Character’ menu in the main menu. Lastly, we’d like to invite players interested in participating in the development of the game to play on the Public Beta Environment. To join in, join the Discord server and follow these instructions. We’ll have the newest content up on this beta environment soon. Once it’s ready, you’ll get a chance to see all the upcoming content ahead of time. Let us know what you think!

Thank you again for your continued support and feedback to help us improve the game. We read every single suggestion and bug report in our discord channel, so please keep on posting! Make sure you take some time to explore all the changes to Sun Haven in this update coming on September 14th, 2022. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Bruce, Sun Haven Director

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