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ONE WEEK to Launch!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hello everyone!

Today marks the ONE WEEK point until Sun Haven is available for early access on Steam!

To tide you over until the 25th, I come bearing gifts: lore and art!

Pictured below is Nel’Vari’s Grand Tree, the cultural heart of Nel’Vari. It’s considered a sacred place where the Elves can gather to meditate and strengthen their connection with the natural world. At the top of the tree is the room where the Elven Elder resides and maintains the peace. The path up the tree requires agility and coordination, but it’s nothing a hero can’t handle.

The origin of the tree itself is a mystery to most, even many Elven folk. Take a look!

Ain’t she a beaut?

Look forward to running around this area and everywhere else in Nel’Vari… in just ONE WEEK!

Okay everyone, I think that’s my time. I really just wanted to pop my head in the room and drop a little hype-bomb for you all.

Keep your eyes on our social media platforms, because we’ll be posting all week! Thanks for tuning in, everyone. We’ll see you soon!

Until then,

- Michael, Sun Haven Writer

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