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Patch 0.6: Events & Bosses

Hello Adventurers!

It's Bruce, the Director of Sun Haven!

It’s that time!

Patch 0.6: Events & Bosses is here.

(and a little bit earlier than expected too, as of our last Dev Blog hehe.)

There have been some BIG changes to Sun Haven. For example, Sun Haven Town has been entirely revamped, being expanded by more than twice. Along with this are hundreds of other changes, which will be listed below as always.

A comparison of the old Sun Haven Town Map to the new Sun Haven Town Map.

The goal of this patch is to shake up the day-to-day gameplay, and give players something that makes each day distinct from the last. While it’s nice to have a plan for what you want to do for the day….

You might just get an unexpected visitor.

Thank you so much for playing Sun Haven. Check out the full list of changes below.


Patch Summary:

- Sun Haven Town revamped and expanded

- New Main Questlines for Sun Haven and Withergate

- Controller Support

- Nel’Vari Mines System

- Lantern Festival Event

- 4 New Bosses

- Limited Furniture Rotation

- Entire UI Rework

- Multiplayer Update

- Race Perks

- Starting Professions


Sun Haven Patch 0.6:

Quest Updates:

- Revamped Intro Cutscene

- New Sun Haven Main Questline

- New Withergate Main Questline

- Updated Glorite Miner Boss Fights

- All current game saves will have their quests reset to a relevant part in the storyline.

- Current game saves that have beaten the game or are on the last quest of the game will not have their quests reset. In this case, you must create a new character to experience the new questlines.

- Added secret quest items around Sun Haven

Sun Haven Town Updates:

- Sun Haven Map Revamp and Expansion

- 58 New NPCs around the world

- New Repairable structures around town

- Updated NPC walk paths

- Added Orchard and Bee Farm

- Lantern Festival Event:

- Occurs on the 28th

- Appears ‘yearly’ on the 28th (every 28 x 4, or 112 days) in preparation for Patch 0.7: Seasons

- Added New Barn Animal Store

- General Store Interior Revamped

Clothing Store Update

- Added mannequins to display outfits

- Players can now purchase full outfits on display directly from mannequins

- Clothing Store is now a repairable building


- Added Weedil, the Weed Boss

- Added Krusty, the Rock Boss

- Added Dizzy, the Mining Boss

- Added King Slimius XXIV, the Slime Boss

- Added 4 new pets themed after each boss

Combat Update

- Added Elite Monsters

- Added 12 new monsters

- Dynus is now significantly more powerful to account for more progression systems being added to the game.

Dungeon of Trials

- Added the Dungeon of Trials

- 30 Floors of very difficult combat challenges

- 6 Unlockable Chests with unique rewards

Exploration Update:

- Added 30+ chests around the World

- (Respawns every 28 days in preparation for Patch 0.7: Seasons.)

- Added new examineable objects

- Certain examinable objects now give rewards

Nel'Vari Mines System:

- Players can now mine and exchange Mana Shards for powerful permanent stat bonuses

- 4 New Themes of Mines: Fairy Mines, Flower Mines, Bee Mines, and Mushroom themed mines

- New Nel’Vari Mines Hub Maps

- 1 New Ranged Armor Set

- 2 New Mines Merchants

Multiplayer Updates:

- Fixed nearly all known disconnection and de-syncing issues

- General Bug Fixes

UI Update:

- Updated Inventory

- Updated Skill Tree UI

- Updated Romance UI

- Updated Quest Log UI

- Updated Map UI

- Updated Nel’Vari and Sun Haven Town Maps

- Updated Player Stats UI

- Updated Settings UI

- Updated Hud UI

- Updated Chest UI

- Updated Book UI

- Updated Mail UI

- More UI Updates and an edited UI HUD coming in Patch 0.7

Controller Support:

- Steam Deck Compatibility

- Sun Haven is now playable on controller. Plug in any controller to use.

- A few features may still require mouse and keyboard, such as:

- Typing in your character’s name

- Joining Multiplayer Games

- Settings Sliders

- Misc UI

- Key rebindings (does not work on controller yet)

Furniture Rotation

- Added Furniture Rotation to items that really needed it (Chairs, Couches, etc)

- If there are any further decorations that you really believe need to be rotatable, please let us know through our Discord Server!

Other Changes:

- Skill Tree Level-Up Rewards

- 15 Unique Wedding Ring Appearances and Stats based on who you marry

- Updated Tutorials and Help Tips

- Kickstarter Name in Game Rewards Added

- New Miscellaneous SFXs

- 350+ Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Balance Changes:

- All consumable items retuned

- Skill Tree rebalance

- Spell Cost and Damage Balance

- All Quest Rewards rebalanced

- Fish EXP rebalanced

- Fishing Nets rebalanced

- Monster’s Level, Damage, and Armor generally increased

- General Store Seed Sale Tables nerfed

- Barn Animals Costs and Barn Animals Drop Sell Prices retuned

Coming Soon:

- Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Seasons

- Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Crops and Update

- Updated Spring Season

- Seasonal Dialogue

- Seasonal Romanceable Character Busts for every season

- Seasonal Events

- 20+ New Crafting Tables

- 150+ New Items

- Scarecrows

- Farm Pests

- Museum

- Romance Update

- New Bosses

- New Rotating Traveling Cart Merchants

- Barns and Barn Animal Update

- Updated Character Customization

- Updated Character Customization UI

- Withergate Mines System

- Withergate Mines Merchants

- Withergate Town Map Update

- Continued UI Update

Whew! That was a ton. Anyways, if you’re still with me after all that… Thank you so much again for playing and supporting Sun Haven in Early Access.

Our next big update to the game will be Patch 0.7: Seasons, which will take us a few months to release. Features that didn’t make it in as we mentioned in our last Dev Blog, will be released with Patch 0.7 (Character Customization and the Withergate Mines).

As we get closer to the finish line, we’ll be posting Dev Blogs here on Steam with sneak peeks into our progress, so keep a lookout!

Lastly, join us over on Discord to share your thoughts on the patch, share screenshots of your farm, or just look at all the cute pet pictures.

See you in Sun Haven!

-Bruce, Director of Sun Haven

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