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Sun Haven Dev Blog 06 - Strengths

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Good morning, afternoon, and evening everybody! Just thought I’d cover all the bases. You never know when somebody is.

This week we’re talking team dynamics! Specifically in the context of strengths. No, not just biceps and watercolors, I mean psychological strengths as measured by the StrengthsFinder test.

StrengthsFinder is a test developed by the Gallup organization and first published in the eponymous self-help book in 2001. We at Pixel Sprout Studios all took this test to weigh and compare our strengths with one another. This way, we can figure out which among us would be best suited for specific tasks based off of our complementary traits.

What traits am I talking about? The thirty-four traits measured by the test, of course! Here they are, each falling into one of four descriptive categories.

An example of how this plays into our work is Pixel Sprout’s animator John. John’s top traits fall under the “Executing” category, and, predictably, he delivers his assignments on time more consistently than anyone else on the team.

Another example is our Lead Artist Lexxi. Her top scoring trait is Woo in the Influencing tree, which means she is very socially intelligent and good at winning others over. She’s arguably well-suited to her position since she delegates work to all the other artists on the team.

And the last example is me, Michael. Both the Future traits and the Context traits are very low on my list, which could mean that I lack both foresight and hindsight to a degree. I wish I could argue, but I didn’t think of an argument ahead of time and I don’t see myself coming up with one anytime soon. But it does mean that I’m available to lend a hand to my teammates at basically any time, which is the whole point of StrengthsFinder for us - effectively coordinating our traits with others.

That more or less sums up how we use StrengthsFinder in our company. Thanks for tuning in this week. Stay safe out there!

Staying safe in here,

- Michael, Sun Haven Writer

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