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Sun Haven DevBlog 10 - General Update on Disciplines

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another Sun Haven DevBlog.

This week is more of a general update. Instead of going over one topic at length, I’m giving you an across-the-board update on Sun Haven’s development. Everyone paying attention? Notebooks open, pencils sharpened? All right, let’s get into it!

On the art side of things, we’ve been pushing really hard on building interiors. We have one of our artists finishing up some of the last interiors for the game - placing the general layout and “vibe,” if you will - and then it’s passed forward to our other artists. They take it up a few quality-notches before it’s reviewed for in-game use.

Also on the art side, we’re currently iterating on the NPCs designed by our Kickstarter backers! I’ve seen a few of the different designs and I’ve seriously loved everything I’ve seen so far. Our backers are some real creative folks!

In my discipline - narrative - we’re working hard on dialogue as always, as well as making hard decisions on open-ended narrative things. For example, we deliberated for a long time over how the player should travel to Withergate, but now we’ve crafted an experience that I’m sure you will find memorable!

And finally, on the level-design side, we’ve been having fun playing with our jump puzzles (as described in a previous devblog). They’re going to add some really fun, interactive dimension to our levels! Aside from that, both Withergate and Nel’Vari are looking reeeeeaaaal hot. Have a sneaky-peeky at both towns below!



That’s all for this update! Watch out for another one in a few weeks. Until then, stay happy and healthy, everyone!

Chugging along,

Michael, Sun Haven Writer







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