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Sun Haven DevBlog 11 - Backer NPCs!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hello and thanks for joining in this week’s dev blog!

This update we’re talking about NPCs - but not just any NPCs… YOUR NPCs!

That’s right, I’m talking about NPCs designed by our Kickstarter backers! We’ve been working on them recently, so in this post I will quickly go over the process that went into making them and update you on our progress!

Of course, the first step to creating these NPCs was communication. We sent out surveys to each of our beloved backers who qualified for a custom NPC. We even spent a minute or two testing out different surveys just to be sure we were covering all the bases and could nail it in one shot. So far, it seems we’ve succeeded there!

All of the responses we received were detailed, creative, interesting, and sometimes hilariously clever. But most importantly, they were thorough enough for our team to comfortably design NPCs that we were sure would reflect our backers’ imaginative visions.

Inevitably, one part of the process is to screen all of the responses for inappropriate content. When I say that, I don’t just mean stuff that we wouldn’t want to show our nieces and nephews, but also any content that wouldn’t fit in our game. Thankfully, Sun Haven’s setting is varied enough to accommodate a plethora of design choices, so there actually were no issues on that front!

At this point, we have assets designed for every backer that responded to our survey! At this time we’re working on animations for the NPCs, but all of your characters have already come to life behind-the-scenes!

Big thanks to all of you who responded to our surveys and supported our development! I’m happy to say that all your contributions are only making Sun Haven more interesting and fun.

And thank you readers for tuning in this week! Everybody stay safe out there.

Happy May!

Michael, Sun Haven Writer

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