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Patch Update 0.4 - Nel’Vari Revamp + More!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome back to another Pixel Sprout Studios patch update. I have to say, today’s update is HEFTY - and just in time for the holiday break! Did somebody say “Sun Haven binge-fest?”

Why do we keep dropping such hugely comprehensive updates, you ask? You might as well ask why birds fly in the sky or how come I can’t stop eating a pint of ice cream until it’s completely gone. It’s just the natural order of things.

Before jumping into the full list of changes, I’d like to draw your attention to a few of the biggies.

First and foremost, Sun Haven’s main narrative has greatly expanded! That’s right folks, you can now play through the entirety of the Nel’Vari section of the main questline, over 40 new quests to complete. You will most definitely want to check it out, especially if you’re interested in a fast travel system between Nel’Vari and Sun Haven! But quest-hungry players aren’t the only addition to Nel’Vari…

The Elven town of Nel’Vari has been significantly revamped! I’m talking about the maps, the NPCs, the quests, the shops, the music - heck, there’s even a town map now! And a revamped Nel’Vari wouldn’t be complete without a brand new player farm now, would it? Of course we couldn’t ship the Nel’Vari patch without it! All that and I haven’t even mentioned the new pets or Elven clothing!

Of course, we just couldn’t stop at Nel’Vari. Sun Haven and Withergate both have a ton of new clothing and furniture selections for your sweet, sweet customization.

I’d be playing myself for a darn fool if I didn’t mention our updated mines. The Sun Haven mines have been reworked to include reward rooms (yay loot!), 8 new monster enemies, and a special new friend blocking the path.

Sheesh, for a second there I almost forgot that I was talking about Sun Haven. I honestly didn’t realize how huge this patch was until writing this post for you! I have this feeling… something welling up inside me… could it be… hype??

I’ll quit talking your ear off so you can scan through the entire list of changes below. Be sure to check out the quality of life updates, too! They should improve everyone’s gameplay experience across the board with improvements such as a chest sorting button and visible exp. bars in the Skill Tree tab of your UI. Those things alone are enough to warrant a healthy hurrah, but I’ll leave that to the experts. That’s you. You’re the experts.

And here we are, Sun Haven Patch 0.4! Main Questline Update:

- New Path to Nel'Vari Questline

-Current saves that have reached Nel’Vari will receive this quest upon updating

- New Storyline to unlock Nel'Vari Player Farm

- New Nivara Questline

Nel’Vari Map Updates:

- Nel'Vari Player Farm

- Includes new Nel’Vari Player Treehouse and Nel’Vari crops

- New Animals and Creatures that can be attracted to your Nel’Vari Farm

- Added Animals and Creatures that can be attracted to your Nel’Vari Farm

- Nel’Vari Fast Travel

- 25+ New Nel'Vari NPCs

- Nel'Vari Town Map Rework

- New Nel'Vari Shops

- General Store, Clothing Store, Pet Store

- Updated Nel’Vari Shops

- Cape Store, Crossbow Store, Farm Animal Shop, Mount Store

- Nel'Vari Bulletin Board is now functional - Added 20 Nel'Vari Bulletin Board Quests

- Nel'Vari Town Map

- 15+ New Nel'Vari songs - 4 New Nel’Vari Pets

- 1 New Mount

Mines Updates:

- Mine Reward Floors (Old saves will need to unlock these floors)

- 4 Treasure Rooms

- A New Hungry ‘Blockade’ will appear on these floors

- Some Mines Floors now have enemies

- 8 New Mines Enemies

Chest Updates: - Chests now have sort/deposit options

- Wooden Chests can be renamed and recolored when they are open

- Fridges can now store food - Wardrobes can now store equipment and clothes

Other Changes: - Added Steam Cloud Saving

- When you exit the game you will be able to open the game and start in the last town’s

Player Home you were staying in - 700+ New Player Clothing and Furniture throughout Sun Haven, Nel’Vari, and Withergate

- Buy 1, 5, and 20 buttons for Shops - Trees now grow in stages

- Oak Tree Seeds can be purchased from the Sun Haven Farming Store

- Nel'Vari Tree Seeds can be purchased from the Nel’Vari General Store

- New Minimap hover over text for locations

- New icons for combat skill tree

- Updated icons and descriptions for 700+ items

- EXP Bars are now visible inside the Skill Tree tab - Shipping Portal UI now displays how much the total value of the chest

- Sun Haven Shipping Portal now animates when interacting with it

- New Sun Haven House exterior (new saves start with the updated house appearance, old saves remain with the old exterior appearance currently)

- Houses and House Demolition Kits are now sold at the Townhall

- Preparing for external house customization next patch

Balance Changes:

- Lowered mana gained from Mana Tomes, Elios Fountain, Wishing Well, Main Questline, and Food

- Minor combat balance for spells and enemies - Saving now also retains your current health, mana, and your location Economy Rebalance:

- Lowered starting gold

- Lowered gold from intro quests, chests, some cooked food, some enemies,

- Increased orb prices of most Nel'Vari items

- And More

Bug Fixes:

- Attempted major multiplayer disconnecting

- Gifts not giving proper response

- Delivery quests not working

- General Minor Bug fixes

Wait, did that say we can store food in refrigerators?? Finally, my chests will no longer smell like last week’s Dorado!

Is this update shaping up to be everything you dreamed of and more? Is it literally the only thing you wished for this holiday season? Comment below with your thoughts and reactions to this patch update!

That should cover all the content released in this update! If you want to hang out with the community and celebrate some new content, swing by Sun Haven’s Discord! You can follow the convenient link that I’ll place riiiiiiight here.

I’ll sign out by wishing a most Happy Holidays to everyone who’s celebrating this season! And to everyone else, a happy and healthy December!

Stay warm, friends!

- Michael, Sun Haven Writer

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