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Patch 0.5 - Withergate Update

Hello, dear friends and fans!

Have y’all been itching for an update like I have? Well itch no more, friendo. Today’s patch has a whole heck of a lot to offer! In fact, I’d go so far as to call this our biggest update yet!

As always, Pixel Sprout Studios has been hard at work fixing up this patch so it’s packed full of content. Let me give you a quick rundown of what we’re looking at. Let’s see, what are the highlights… Possibly the whole carnival we added to Withergate!!

You read that right, Withergate now features a lively carnival space! You’ll find it complete with games, carnival-exclusive prizes, new NPCs, and a gorgeous ferris wheel for you to ride. Take a spin when you get a chance - you can see a lot from up there!

And of course I have to point out the completely revamped skill tree, which now includes 190 skills, 4 new spells, and expanded professions! I hope your weekend is free, because mine just got real busy.

There’s a lot more tasty content in this patch, outlined below. If you somehow STILL haven’t launched Sun Haven, then maybe just peruse the updates in the list below.

I’ll preface the Patch Notes with one little tip - if you’re thinking of starting an adventure with a new character in Sun Haven, now’s a great time to do that! With that hot new skill tree, along with a myriad of quality of life updates, starting fresh now will allow you to experience Sun Haven like you never have before.

All right, I’ll stop getting between you and the patch notes! Go on now, I’ll wait.

Patch Summary: - New Skill Tree with 4 new spells - New Withergate Town, Rooftop Farm, and Carnival - Barn Functionality - Jam Maker, Bee boxes - Community Tokens Store at Town Hall

Sun Haven Patch 0.5:

Withergate Rework:

- Withergate Town Map Rework

- Updated Withergate Charon Fast Travel Locations

- New Withergate General Store

- New Withergate Music - Withergate Town Player Map

- Expanded Withergate Rooftop Farm

- Current save files have their rooftop farm layout deleted. Sorry :(

- Furniture can now be placed on the Withergate Rooftop Farm!

Withergate Carnival:

- Added new Withergate Carnival Map

- 8 New Carnival mini-games

- Switcheroo

- Jellybean Jamboree

- Chester's Chance

- Dugan's Deadeye

- Memory Match

- Test of Strength

- Fortune Teller

- Ferris Wheel

- Red Carnival Ticket Currency

- Carnival-Exclusive Stores

- Arcade Tent

- Sweets Stall

- Fried Food Stall

- Amorpha's Potions

- Pumpkin Patch

- Red Carnival Ticket-Exclusive Rewards

- 2 New mounts

- 50+ Transformation Potions

- 15+ Unique Food Items

- 55+ Furniture Items

Skill Tree Update:

- 190 total skill nodes between Farming, Exploration, Mining, Fishing, and Combat

- 4 New spells

-Ethereal Axe

- Cataclysm

- Bubble Net

- Dash Strike

- Active Aegis

- All professions can now reach Level 70

- Current Player levels have been adjusted to match the new level system

- Current Player skill points have been refunded for free respeccing

- New unlockable player equipment

- 2 new armor sets

- 2 new mages robes

- 45 new unlockable cooking recipes

- Skill potions and Skill tomes added to grant an additional skill points

Sun Haven Barns:

- Barns now have functioning and customizable interiors

- 2 New Barn Animals: Sheep and Pigs

- Unlockable from the Skill Tree

- Automatic Feeders and Automatic Collectors for Barn Animals

- Barn Animals now have a set amount of spaces available on your farm

- Overhead UI counter for your Barn Animal Slots

- *Barn Upgrades will be added at a later date

Bee Boxes and Honey:

- 11 Types of Flower Crops

- Bee Boxes can produce honey when near flowers

- 11 Types of Obtainable Honey

- Honey can be consumed for restoration or sold for high prices

New Crafting Tables:

- Jam Maker

- 18 types of craftable jam

- Jam provides EXP when consumed

- Alchemy Table

- 5 types of craftable potions

- Jewelry Crafting Table

- 8 different craftable rings and amulets


- The Sun Haven Salon can now be repaired

- Change your character’s appearance

Community Tokens:

- Complete Quests to receive Community Tokens

- Exchange Community Tokens for Exclusive rewards with Bernard in the Town Hall

- Permanent Stat Boost Elixirs

- 25+ Transformation Potions

Other Changes:

Sun Haven Interiors:

- You can now access the inside of the Topi and Pod family homes

- Updated Tonya, Giuseppe, Topi, Kara, and Pod walk paths

UI Update:

- Updated UI for the following*

- Patch notes

- Character select

- Character creation

- Lobby settings

- Settings

- Mail

- Library Books

*This UI is temporary and will be updated with a final version at a later date

Withergate Vending Machines:

- Functioning Withergate Vending Machines, allowing you to purchase potions - if you can beat the machine

Multiplayer Settings:

- New option for setting Max players (1-8)

- New option for private lobby

- New option for Shared / Split money

- Split money: Purchases subtract gold from an individual player’s pool of money

- Shared money: Purchases subtract gold from a pool shared between all players

Updated Tutorials:

- New tutorials will pop up while playing with helpful info

- These tips should assist and answer questions for first-time players and new characters

- Option to disable all tutorials

Crops Particle Changes:

- Added new fertilizer particle effect

- Added a particle effect to tell when a crop is ready for harvest

Kickstarter Rewards:

- Individual plaques are now in the Town Hall

- Statues are spread between Sun Haven, Nel’Vari, and Withergate

- Added 2 new dishes from Kickstarter pledges to the Cafe


- Removed item quality for all items except fish

- Sun Haven's economic pacing slowed down

- Small Fishing Nets rebalanced around 20 hours per haul

- Large Fishing Nets significantly buffed

- Engagement Ring, Love Letter, and Bone Gift are now purchasable with Community Tokens instead of gold

- Over 2000 balance changes to support the new skill tree

- EXP values, sell prices, quest rewards

- Adjusted drop rates of coal/ores


World Maps:

- All Maps now have highlights around buildings and attractions you can visit

- Hovering over a building on the map will give more detailed information

Tooltips for items:

- Updated item descriptions to provide more descriptions about how to use an item

- New icons for armor and food to better explain buffs and stats provided by them

Visiting Merchant to the Player Farm:

- Every 25 days a new visitor will stop by and offer his wares

New Furniture:

- 400+ new furniture items for sale between Sun Haven, Nel’Vari, and Withergate

New Fish:

- 40 new Fish between Sun Haven, Nel’Vari, and Withergate

Random Character Button:

- An option to randomize your character in the character customization menu

Misc Music and SFX: - Added Multiple Barn Animal SFX - Added New Music to Nel’Vari Store - Added Misc SFX

Bug Fixes: - Improvements to Multiplayer desync issues

- Fixed an issue with disappearing HUDs during cutscenes - Hundreds of fixes for various issues

Coming Later this Patch:

- Controller Support

- 130 new Nel’Vari Decorations in the Nel’Vari General Store

- New Fortune Teller Fortunes with effects

Coming Soon:

- UI Rework

- Refactoring Multiplayer to address disconnection issues

- Main storyline reworks and additions

- Withergate Sewers Update

- Nel’Vari and Withergate Mines

- Nel’Vari and Withergate Barns

- New Bosses

- New Town Events

- Combat Dungeon

- Sun Haven Town Rework

- New Quests

- Romance System Update

- Player Exterior House Customization

- Sun Haven Museum

- Limited Furniture Rotation

Holy cannoli with side guacamole! What an update! Personally, I’m spending my time at the carnival. But those new mounts sound promising… not to mention that wicked new skill tree! Those new Fishing skills look promising to me, and the promise is gold, baby.

All of us at PSS hope you enjoy this update to the fullest extent that you humanly can. If you have feedback or suggestions, hop into our Discord and let us know!

And now it’s right back to work for us Sprouts - Seasons and Events don’t ship themselves! We’ve said it before and it remains true, we’re dedicated to making Sun Haven the best it can be. Step by step, we’re well on our way. And it’s wonderful to have you with us as we trek along!

As always, many many thanks to each and every one of our supporters who help us improve Sun Haven on the daily. This game is for you as much as for us!

I’ll quit blabbering - I know you have some carnival games to get to. Have fun exploring this new patch! What better place to celebrate Spring than in Sun Haven?

With some Spring in my step,

- Michael, Sun Haven Writer

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