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Sneak Peek Update!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hello again, everyone!

This week we’ve got a sneak peek of some of the awesome content we’re releasing with the next patch! Ready to get into it? Let’s dive in!

Without revealing too much, I can tell you this - the next patch will be big for Withergate. If you haven’t unlocked the Monster City yet, I recommend you start working on it now. If you’ve already fallen in love with Withergate’s neon jungle, then you’re guaranteed to have a blast with this next patch!

On top of the updates to Withergate, we’ve updated the mines beneath Sun Haven. This makeover is hot, so you’ll really have to watch your step. Here’s a hint - you might want to bring a sword with you on your underground adventures!

Furthermore, we heard your feedback about fishing. We’ve been grappling with the fishing system and coming up with ways to improve the experience and make it both more fun and more worthwhile. You may have guessed what this means... more fish!

We’re adding a whopping 35 new fish across Sun Haven, Nel’Vari, and Withergate! Prime your rods and stop by Peter’s shop if you need to, because these fishies won’t catch themselves.

In addition to all the new scaly bois, the fishing mechanic itself is being redesigned to be more interactive - now including a mini game to catch fish. What’s more, the Fishing skill is being separated into its own entire skill tree so that you passionate anglers can really invest in your daily catch!

Take a look at one of our new legendary catches!

To recap this sneaky-peeky, you’ve got major additions to Withergate, updates to the mines, and a whole new skill tree to grind out! Not to mention the fact that that’s only some of what’s to come in this next patch.

We’re working hard on rolling out these updates for you, and we’re enormously grateful for all of you who are sticking with us through this journey. Please stay tuned for future updates!

That’s all I’ve got for you this time around, folks. I hope you’re all staying safe and taking care of yourselves.

Be happy! Until next time!

- Michael, Sun Haven Writer

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