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Sun Haven DevBlog 07 - Burnout

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hello, folks! Welcome and thanks for joining. This week I’ve got a topic some of you might be familiar with…


That’s right, welcome to Pixel Sprout Studios’ Burnout Boogaloo!

Everyone experiences burnout. I do, you do, we all do. But on the PSS team, I’ve noticed a particular ability to work through burnout. That is to say, we’re very good at powering through it. This got me wondering how my teammates deal with their burnout and manage their own well-being when they experience it.

So I straight-up asked some folks how they deal with burnout! Let’s take a look at some of our team members’ burnout management strats:

John (Level Designer Edition):

What helps me get through it is the fact that we have such an ecstatic community here in Sun Haven that is relying on me to make the game of their lives---and I am definitely not one to back down from that opportunity to put smiles on other's faces, especially during times like these where we need it the most. What motivates me in general to overcome my burnout - and not just here in Sun Haven - is when everyone else around me is happy, and it's even more so when it's the result of my actions!

John (Animator Edition):

A lot of surviving burnout for me is setting up good schedules and having consistency in my life. I haven't got sick in a long time and try to do my best to stay healthy, cook and eat well, and exercise to make that not happen. I try to be very conscious of what my body feels like and what I must do to keep going. I have a lot of rules on myself like constant stretching, not working more than 12 hours in a day, and taking longer breaks to play music or meditate to clear my head.


When I find myself spiraling or getting a little toasty, I like to back off and call a friend or family member. Just talking to others and hearing something else helps, hearing about someone's day or about new gaming news we both can chatter on.

Sometimes I take a moment to play a little Overwatch or watch a show, find something else to focus on for an hour before jumping back into work and keep moving. I found the best way to avoid burnout is to ease myself in and start with the task at my feet rather than tossing myself into the deep end.

Thanks for sharing, friends!

Clearly, this is a “different strokes” situation. Everyone deals with it differently. When it comes to me, I like to take a small camping trip and completely shut off communication with other human beings for a couple of days. Or, I just eat a bunch of really good food and play videogames with my wife. Like I said, different strokes!

Thanks for swinging by this week’s DevBlog, I hope you found it informative or relatable on some level! And if you find yourself managing your own burnout, just remember to take a moment to find out what you need to do for you.

Everybody stay happy and be kind!

Until next time,

- Michael, Sun Haven Writer







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